President: Dimitris Psillos, Greece

Secretary: Philip Adey, UK

Treasurer: Piet Lijnse, Netherlands

Member: Sylvia Caravita (first period)

Member: Lawrence Viennot (first period)

Member: Bhorn Andersson (first period)

Member: Maria Pilar Jimenez Aleixandre

Member: Reinders Duit (second period)

Member: Martine Meheut (second period)

Member: Helene Sørensen (second period)


President: Robin Millar, UK

Secretary: Cécile vander Borght, Belgium

Treasurer: Piet Lijnse, Netherlands

Member: Doris Jorde, Norway

Member: Martine Meheut, France

Member: Helene Sørensen, Denmark

Member: Roser Pinto, Spain

Member: Harrie Eijkelhof (ESERA 2003 Conference Organiser)



President: Doris Jorde, Norway

Secretary: Justin Dillon, UK

Treasurer: Koos Kortland, Netherlands

Member: Graca Simoes de Carvalho, Portugal

Member: Martine Meheut, France

Member: Manuela Welzel, Germany (2005-2007)

Member: Jouni Viiri, Finland

Member: Rosa Maria Sperandeo-Mineo (2005-2009)

Member: Hans Fischer (Summer School 2004 organiser)

Member: Roser Pinto (ESERA 2005 Conference Organiser)

Member: Margaret Ekborg (ESERA 2007 Conference Organiser)


President: Justin Dillon, UK

Secretary: Manuela Welzel-Breuer, Germany

Treasurer: Koos Kortland, Netherlands

Member: Costas Constantinou

Member: Jens Dolin

Member: Margaret Ekborg

Member: Rosa Maria Sperandeo-Mineo (2005-2009)

Member: Marisa Michelini (ESERA 2010 Summer School Organiser)

Member: Fatih Tasar (ESERA 2009 Conference Organiser)

Member: Catherine Bruguiere (ESERA 2011 Conference Organiser)




President: Manuela Welzel-Breuer, Germany

Secretary: Costas Constantinou, Cyprus

Treasurer: Koos Kortland, Netherlands

Member: Catherine Bruguiere, France (Responsible for Publications)

Member: Robert Evans, Denmark (Responsible for Conferences and Summer Schools)

Member: Jim Ryder, United Kingdom (Responsible for Early Career Researchers)

Member: Fatih Tasar, Turkey (2011-2013)

Member: Ellen Karoline Henriksen (Responsible for SIGs) (2013 - 2017)

Member: Jarkko Lampiselkä (ESERA 2015 Conference Organiser)(2013-2015)

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