An Approach of Teacher Centered Programme Development in Physics Education

Karadeniz Technical University,Turkey

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali Riza AKDENIZ

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Curriculum is the most important components of educational elements among the other factors in order to achieve intended instructional objectives. It is indicated in the related literature that the teachers’ view who will implement the curriculum should be taken into consideration in the development process. Although this type of curriculum development is taking place in developed countries, this is not the case in our country as well as in other developing countries. The purpose of this study is to develop the unit on ‘Magnetic Field and Magnetic Force’ for secondary schools physics by taking into consideration teachers’ views as much as possible. Also, the related literature including physics programmes implemented in developed countries was reviewed. A case study research methodology with survey, interview and observation methods was conducted in this research. A pilot study to developed a draft programme was carried out with 8 physics teachers and field experts. The draft programme was implemented by 3 physics teachers. A survey questionnaire was developed to find out teachers’ and lecturers’ views about the draft programme. The questionnaire was implemented 87 senior physics teachers working in 51 CLS (Curriculum Laboratory Schools) and to 25 lecturers working in 20 educational faculties in Turkey. An achievement test was developed in order to find out to what extent the programme achieved its objectives. The achievement test was conducted to 465 students after the developed programme implemented. An observation schedule developed by the researcher used by 14 physics teachers while the developed programme was in implementation in their classrooms to reflect the student attitudes in classroom situation. Data collected from this study was analysed by using SPSS programme. The survey results showed that there is no significant difference between teachers’ and lecturers’ opinion about elements of draft programme at a = 0.05. The results from achievement test and observation schedule indicated that students gain intended emotional objectives but could not gain intended cognitive objectives related comprehension and application level by implementation of developed programme as much as wanted. Intended programme was revised by taking into consideration the pilot and formal study results. Recommendations are made for improving the process of curriculum development and suggestions are given to future researchers, educational departments and curriculum experts.

Keywords: Physics Education, Constructivism, Traditional Learning Environments, Designing Constructivist Learning Environments, Electromagnetic Induction

Language: English


YIGIT, Nevzat, "An Approach of Teacher Centered Programme Development in Physics Education", Ph.D.,Department of Secondary Science and Mathematics Education, February 2001, 235 pages


Dr. Nevzat YIGIT
Karadediz Technical University
Fatih Education Faculty
Department of Secondary Science and Mathematics Education
61335 Trabzon / TURKEY
Phone: (0090) 462 2482305 /1265
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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