Sibel Erduran, the new Member of the ESERA Executive Board, presents herself together with some personal reflections on the ESERA conference 2015 at Helsinki.

Intro/ Biography

I am responsible for links with other organisations as well as research collaborations and science education policy as they pertain to ESERA business. I have hadSibel numerous academic affiliations across Europe (ie. Sweden, United Kingdom, Turkey and Ireland) which have equipped me with appreciation of the diversity of educational systems. Having been raised in Cyprus and educated in the USA, my international background helps me in building bridges across national boundaries for the improvement of learning experiences across people and systems. ESERA has been an academic home for me for many years. I was a tutor at a ESERA Summer School, and I have participated in practically every conference since the inception of the association.

Some Reflections of ESERA 2015 Conference in Helsinki

The ESERA 2015 conference in Helsinki was particularly memorable for me because I gave a keynote presentation. This was no ordinary keynote for me as the organising committee wanted me to use interactive technologies to engage with the audience. I used Twitter during my talk which ended up giving me instant feedback on audience reaction to what I was saying. This initiative made me reflect on ESERA as a pedagogical organisation that encourages learning of members from all academic career stages, and it speaks to the innovative spirit of ESERA. I am very much looking forward to contributing to how ESERA is positioned in the global landscape of science education.