ESERA Announcements 24.7.2007In April 2006, Michel Rocard (former French Prime Minister, and MEP) contacted the EU Commissioner for science and research,

Janez Potocnik to draw attention to a European initiative which he considered as showing enormous potential for increasing young people's interest in science and mathematics.

Mr Rocard's concern, and indeed that of policy makers across Europe, was that the declining interest for certain science studies among young people will stand in the way of the emergence of a truly knowledge-based society, both in terms of Europe's need for more scientists, and the need to ensure that all young people develop key analytical skills at school that will prepare them for the future - whatever they choose to do.

Mr Rocard, was therefore invited to chair a small group of experts to see what action could be taken. The ESERA president, Doris Jorde participanted in the expert group.

The work of this group is now accomplished, and the report is available to download. It makes a number of recommendations ranging from the need for collective action, how improvement in science teaching can be brought about, and what could be done at all levels: local, national and European. The main message, however, is that we need to radically revise the way that science is taught in our schools.

The report is being widely disseminated and it is hope that it will stimulate debate and a commitment for real action among policy makers at the highest levels within the European Union. Other language versions shall be available shortly.

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