Eastern Mediterranean University is pleased to announce the first international conference on undergraduate science education; Frontiers in Science Education Research 2009 (FISER’09).

The aim of FISER’09 is to provide a scholarly environment for promoting discussions in contemporary topics of undergraduate science and mathematics education research. FISER’09 is open to professional science and mathematics education researchers, educators, students and all others who are interested. During FISER’09, topics that will be covered will extend from education technologies to faculty development and from undergraduate curricula designs to the Bologna Process. FISER’09 will take place during 22 – 24 March 2009 in Famagusta. The official language of the conference is English. Papers in all fields of undergraduate science and mathematics education research are invited.

Confirmed Keynote Speakers: Professors Lillian McDermott, David Hestenes and Cedric Linder.


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