Dear colleagues

This is the call for an invited symposium of the ESERA Special Interest Group Nr 4 Science|Environment|Health at ESERA 2019 in Bologna. (for more information about the SIG, see here).

The call is based on a paragraph of our latest SIG4 publication (for more, see here) that resulted from the SIG4 invited symposium at ESERA 2017 conference in Dublin.

There, we are writing:

Don’t Predict - Adapt

The interesting point about complexity is that it, in principle, does not allow for prediction. However, in most science oriented approaches, and, thus, also in health and science education, scientific prediction plays a prominent role and is the epistemological twin of scientific explanation. Actually, most health and environmental guidelines are based on scientific knowledge and ask for sound action based on predictions of “good” or “bad” outcomes. Thus, the “art of decision making” in complex contexts is to take scientific knowledge into account, but to interpret its meaning in terms of concrete complex contexts. 

We are pleased to kindly ask colleagues to submit contributions that reflect on the question: How can science education help students to properly adapt in Science|Environment|Health contexts? All types of contributions, such as empirical studies, literature reviews, but also theoretical approaches etc., are explicitly welcome, as long as they are soundly grounded in present science education research.

Please send us your proposals (200 words: introduction, research questions, method, results, discussion conclusion). We will then make a primary selection and create the final symposium which will be submitted to the ESERA review process.

Please submit your proposals to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., no later than by the 31st of December 2018. Our decision will be before the 15st of January 2019, in order that rejected submissions can still be submitted to the general ESERA 2019 conference submission process.

Feel free to share this call with other colleagues and researchers that might be interested. We are looking forward to receiving your submissions. 

The ESERA SIG4 co-coordinators

Albert Zeyer, Bern University of Applied Sciences (CH)

Alla Keselman, National Library of Medicine (US)

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