Welcome to the home page of the Special Interest Group (SIG) on Science Education in Out-of-School Contexts under the auspices of ESERA, the European Science Education Research Association. We are an intermediate level structure within the ESERA community, functioning as a liaison between the Special Interest Group Members, the ESERA Board, and the ESERA community as a whole.

The SIG was established in 2012 by the coordinators Justin Dillon (Professor of Science and Environmental Education at King’s College London) and Marianne Achiam (Assistant Professor at the Department of Science Education at the University of Copenhagen) along with 20 founding members. Among other things, the SIG organizes an invited symposium and holds a members meeting at each biannual ESERA conference. For more information read the guidelines for ESERA SIGs.

The Special Interest Group first and foremost serves the ESERA research community, but its activities are intended to ultimately improve practice in European out-of-school contexts as well as worldwide.

There is a new web site for ESERA special interest group for science education in out-of-school contexts! SIG news will be posted via this website.

Membership in an ESERA Special Interest Group (SIG) costs € 3 per year. Please sign up by logging in as a member and visiting the ESERA membership page (choose "Renew my membership").

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