The ESERA Special Interest Group Science|Environment|Health (SHE) addresses the reconceptualization of three critical and interlinked areas of education in a new pedagogy. All of these educational areas have a long educational history, but they have seldom been seen together in their mutual dependence and their mutual benefit. This is particularly the case with the area of health. Besides prevention and health promotion, it also includes medicine and environmental health, two fields with growing importance for informed citizenship that have been vastly neglected so fan in education, and particularly in science education.


The proposed SHE Special Interest Group aims at forming a broad consensus that health and environment should be included more intentionally and prominently in science education than they are at present, and to articulate arguments and aspects supporting this claim. Accordingly, the key objective to the Special Interest Group is to establish a network of researchers in Europe and beyond in order to foster for implementing it in school and raising awareness on a societal and political level.


The SHE Special Interest Group will support theoretical and empirical research, as well as practical development and implementation in School contexts. It will be open to a range of theoretical, quantitative and qualitative approaches. It will promote the identification of important research issues and coordinate efforts to establish consensus in the overarching context of the SEH pedagogy. A main concern will be to link the activities of the SIG to other strands of research in science education and related fields, like science education in out-of-school contexts, public understanding of science, nature of science, cognitive, affective and social aspects of learning science, scientific literacy and socio-scientific issues, and others.

The Special Interest Group first and foremost serves the ESERA research community, but its activities are intended to ultimately improve practice in European SEH contexts as well as worldwide.


  • Albert Zeyer
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  • Kerstin Kremer 

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Find here more information for the proposal of the SIG and the founding members.

More info about SIG 4 and activities at the Helsinki 2015 ESERA conference is here.

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