Every two years, summerschools for science education PhD students are held. At a Summerschool, students present the research work they are carrying out and have opportunities to discuss this in depth with other PhD students and with experienced researchers. Each student is a member of a small group of 6-9 students and two experienced ‘coaches’ who work together throughout the Summerschool. Lectures and workshops are also provided by experienced tutors – and there are social events.

The maximum number of students attending a Summerschool should not exceed 45, with no more than 18 staff members. If more than this number apply, then participants are selected to ensure diversity of countries and departments. Also, in order to create optimal opportunities for discussion, and to enable the Summerschool to contribute to the students’ work, students should not be too near the beginning or end of their PhD work. Applications are welcome from any PhD student who is a member of ESERA.

Experienced researchers and supervisors can apply to attend the Summerschool as a member of staff. Please note that staff may act as a coach at the Summerschool only if at least one of their current PhD supervisees is also attending. In addition, all staff attending the Summerschool must be members of ESERA.

The first ESERA Summerschool was held in Zeist, the Netherlands, in 1993. A second Summerschool took place the following year, 1994, in Thessaloniki, Greece. Since then, Summerschools have been held at two year intervals: