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ESERA 2016 Summer School

ESERA Summer School 2016 is the 13th Summer School of the European Science Education Research Association, and will take place on August 22-26, 2016, at České Budějovice, Czech Republic.

A team lead by Iva Stuchlikova from the University of South Bohemia will host the ESERA Summer School in 2016. The location will be on the campus of the University in České Budějovice in the Czech Republic. 

Call for applications for students and staff will be open on November, 15th.

Find out more about the next ESERA Summer School here.


ESERA Announcements

The eBook of Proceedings of the ESERA Conference 2015 is now published. 


Abstracts of recently completed Doctoral studies which have been added to the ESERA website.


Iva Stuchlíková: member of the ESERA Executive Board, responsible for the doctoral Summer School 2016, presents herself together with some Information about ESERA Summer school 2016 in české Budějovice, Czech Republic


 The decision of the Executive Board after the Summer School Survey. 


Sibel Erduran, the new Member of the ESERA Executive Board , presents herself together with some personal reflections on the ESERA conference 2015 at Helsinki.


The outcome of the ESERA Early Career Researcher Travel Awards for 2016: The students who have been offered, and have accepted, an ESERA ECR Travel Award for 2016.

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