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ESERA SIG 3 Science Education in Out-of-School Contexts

SIG activities–present and future Justin Dillon, Melissa Glackin and Marianne Achiam will give participants an update on theprogress of the SIG3 book (edited volume in ESERA Springer series). New SIG coordinator: Marianne Achiam will be stepping down as SIG coordinator. If you’dlike to nominate someone, or yourself for this role please contact Marianne Achiam ( or Melissa Glackin (


For a full description of the mission and activities of SIG 3, please download the ESERA SIG 3 report.

Activity Reports

Report for 2020

Agenda for SIG3 in ESERA 2019 conference (click here)

Business meeting for SIG3 in ESERA 2019 conference (click here)

Report for 2019

Meeting agenda for SIG3 in ESERA 2017 conference (click here)

Report for 2018

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