ESERA Conference Proceedings

ESERA Conference Proceedings

ESERA Conference Proceedings contain electronic publications of revised and extended papers presented at the ESERA Conferences.  All papers in the eProceedings correspond to submitted and accepted for the ESERA conference. All proposals to the conference went through a double-blind review process by two or three reviewers prior to being accepted to the conference.

After the conference, all authors are asked to produce updated versions of their papers and take into account the discussion that took place after the presentation and the suggestions received from other participants at the conference. On the whole, the eProceedings presents a comprehensive overview of ongoing studies in Science Education Research in Europe and beyond. The eProceedings give an overview of topical and actual interests and areas of emphasis in the ESERA community.

The eProceedings are structurised according to the strands at the ESERA conference. The strand chairs  co-edited the corresponding part for each strand. They carried out a review of the updated versions of the papers that were submitted after the conference. ESERA, the editors and co-editors do not necessarily endorse or share the ideas and views presented in or implied by the papers included in the eProceedings. All formats of presentation (single oral, interactive poster, ICT demonstration/workshop and symposium) used during the conference were eligible to be submitted to the eProceedings.


Established in 1995, ESERA aims to enhance scientific
literacy for all through research in science education.

Various professional activities support community building in science education, dissemination of
research findings and professional development of researchers from different career stages.
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