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sig 2: video based research of teaching and learning processes

ESERA SIG 2 Video-Based Research of Teaching and Learning Processes

The SIG focuses on research which utilizes video as a means to investigate processes of student learning (in- and outside classroom settings) and processes of teaching. The SIG has, thus, a methodological focus but also stresses the importance of research on processes of teaching and learning in contrast to a mere focus on results/effects of teaching and learning. SIG-­‐members can perform research on all age groups and in all science subjects but should have a strong emphasis on using video as an important element of the research method.


Kathrin Otrel-Cass.

For more information about SIG 2 and its activities click here.

Report for 2021

Report for 2020

Report for 2019

Minutes for 2019

Meeting minutes November 2018 (click here).
Report for 2018

Report from ESERA 2017 conference (click here).

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