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ESERA SIG 5 Science Identities

Throughout Europe young people struggle to see themselves in science. As a consequence, students refrain from studying science, and also science is among the studies with the highest dropout rates. The ESERA Special Interest Group in Science Identities is interested in research that explores how a variety of students are met, included and retained in the sciences at all educational levels, and how both formal and informal contexts can support young people’s science interests and aspirations. The SIG in science identities will include researchers with an interest in both students’ and teachers’ identities, drawing on different research frameworks as for example post structuralist theories, feminist theories, narrative psychology and Bourdieu. The SIG will act as the platform for science identity researchers to discuss and develop methodologies, theories and results.


For more information about SIG 5 and its activities click here.

Report for 2020

Report for 2019

Report for 2018

Meeting agenda for SIG5 in ESERA 2017 conference (click here).



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