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ESERA SIG 6 Languages & Literacies in Science Education

This Special Interest Group serves as an international network linking researchers with an interest on how the languages of science (including non-verbal representations), and their associated literacies, afford, mediate, support or hinder science teaching and learning. The idea for this SIG was initiated following several symposia held during ESERA 2017 at Dublin and a follow up symposium at Stockholm on ‘Future Directions for Literacy Research in Science Education’ on 28 & 29 August 2017. Approved by the ESERA Board in March 2018, the SIG is open for all ESERA members to join and participate.


For more information about SIG 6 and its activities, (click here).

To visit the SIG website, (click here).

Report for 2021

Report for 2020

Report for 2019

Report for 2018

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