General Information

The ESERA Conference is one of the outstanding activities of the ESERA organization. The conference has grown in the last decades to become a leading conference on Research in Science Education. The conferences are organized every two year and are open for everybody involved in science education, e.g. PhD students, researchers, teachers and science communicators. The conference offers the community a platform to present and discuss research work in depth over the course of a week. The plenary lectures are given by established and experienced scientists in the domain of science education research. The conference welcomes different contributions, such as interactive posters, oral paper presentations, workshops, symposia, round table and/or panel discussions.  In between social events are programmed, like an opening- and closing ceremony, early career reception and the gala diner. The conference offers visitors an overview of the current state of affairs with regard to science education research.

Overview of conferences not included in the sub-menu:

  • ESERA conference 2009, Istanbul, Turkey (Book of Abstracts)
  • ESERA conference 2007, Malmö, Sweden
  • ESERA conference 2005, Barcelona, Spain
  • ESERA conference 2003, Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands (Report)
  • ESERA conference 2001, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • ESERA conference 1999, Kiel, Germany
  • ESERA conference 1997, Rome, Italy
  • ESERA conference 1995, Leeds, United Kingdom (Book of Abstracts)
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