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Dear Reader! You are hereby invited to help us build up a bank of European science education abstracts of doctoral theses. You may submit an abstract of your own dissertation, or encourage your colleagues or students to do so. Our editorial policy on this web site is to publish science education dissertation abstracts from European universities. We also publish abstracts from non-European countries if a thesis has been supervised or written by an ESERA member.

Rafael Palacios-Díaz

Teaching elementary properties of matter: volume, mass and density, in students of secondary school University of Seville, Seville E-mail:

Spela Godec

Urban girls’ engagement with science within lessons, class visits and family visits to science museums: Interactions of gender, social class and ethnicity Institution: School of Education, Communication and Society, King’s College London, London, UK Email:

Süleyman Yaman

Effectiveness on Learning Outcomes of Problem Based Learning in Science Education Ondokuz Mayis University, Turkey E-mail:

Kristian Ramstedt

Electrical Girls and Mechanical Boys. On Group Differences in Tests - a Method Development and a Study of Differences Between Girls and Boys in National Tests in Physics  E-mail:

Else-Marie Staberg

Different Worlds, Different Values. How girls and boys meet physics, chemistry and technology at the upper level of compulsory school: a thesis by Else-Marie Staberg  E-mail:

Mareike Burmeister

Education for Sustainable Development in chemistry education – A project of innovating practice by strengthening the expertise of teachers University of Bremen Germany Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ingo Eilks E-mail:

Philippe Colin

Two Models for a physical situation : the case of optics. Students' difficulties, teachers' viewpoints and guidelines for a «didactical structure» Université Paris 7, France E-mail:

Andrée Dumas Carré

Tutoring in computerised environments of learning : Study of design and realisation of a tutorial helping the elaboration of the physical representation of mechanics' situations University of Paris, France E-mail:

Andrée Dumas Carré

Problem solving in physics in small groups. Contributions and difficulties : A thesis by Leonidas Gomatos E-mail:

Sylvie Rainson

Superposition of electric fields and causality: a thesis by Sylvie Rainson Universite Paris 7, France E-mail:

Roja Bagheri-Crosson

Mobilization of the magnetic field concept by students from DEUG "Sciences de la Matière": didactic analyze using the conceptual fields theory. Université Paul Sabatier, France E -mail:

Kalogiannakis Michail

Has the introduction of ICT and TPE in French secondary schools resulted in a shifting of roles for teachers involved? A case study concerning physics teachers University Paris, France Supervisor: Professor Caillot Michel Email:


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